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Hello, I am Brantley Smith and have been riding road & mountain bikes since the mid 90’s. I previously worked here at Ride-A-Bike from mid-97 to mid-2000 doing repairs and other duties around the shop. I attended Wester Carolina University and graduated in 2004 with a computer information systems degree. While at WCU, I worked 3 years for Motion Makers bicycle shop in Sylva. In the summer of 2002, I rode across the USA – San Francisco to Portsmouth, NH in 52 days with America by Bicycle. During the following 2 summers, I worked for AbB as a tour wrench, and helped lead 4 additional cross country tours. I also got into hand building custom wheelsets around this time. After the bike tours, I went back to school at the NASCAR Technical Institute in Mooresville, NC, and the Volkswagen Academy in Exton, PA. That led into being an ASE certified automotive technician – I worked in Memphis, TN at a Volkswagen dealership and an independent shop for a total of 5 years. Presently, my hobbies and interests include cycling, backpacking with my black lab, Chief, homebrewing craft beer, bluegrass music & festivals, sustainability and off-grid living, learning how things work, & the Ubuntu distribution of Linux
— Brantley Smith

Hi, I’m Calvin and I’ve been in and around the cycling industry for 20+ years. I cut my teeth wrenching on bikes at Ride-a-Bike all the way back in 1996 but I was a backyard mechanic long before then. I learned the tao of wheel building from my long time bud, Brantley Smith a long, long time ago and I’ve been building wheels professionally ever since. I’ve built wheels as a service for several shops in the area and I’ve done custom builds for customers all across the country. I’ve built wheels for wheelchairs, powered recumbents, BMX, DH, road and of course, mountain bikes. Wheel building is my specialty but I’ll do anything from mundane repairs all the way up to exotic custom bike builds. Please don’t hesitate to contact Brantley or me about your next set of dream wheels.
— Calvin Stiles

Cavemen don't use email...

Hi I’m the webmaster Josh Taylor writing a quote for David Rodden. David lives in the borderland somewhere between this world and the other. He doesn’t know of or care about this thing we call “the internet”. He is a creature of cryptozoological Lizardman or El Chupacabra. Some people claim to have seen him in the shadows or hiding behind a tree but never using email or on the internet. David has been riding bikes longer than anyone at the shop, maybe anyone alive. His knowledge of bikes and bike repair is beyond compare and if he happens to work on your bike it’s like having your bike worked on by Sasquatch! If you happen to catch a glimpse of David have your phone camera ready...the truth is out there!
— David Rodden (by Josh Taylor)

Hello peeps...I’m Josh and I’m the web designer for the shop. I’ve had a mountain biking addiction for quite a long time now. Any bad day can be turned around the second you ride off into the woods! I additionally picked up a weird unicycle bug sometime back and even enjoy getting into the woods on one wheel from time to time. I’ve been around the bicycle industry for over a decade now, starting off right here with Ride-A-Bike in the early 2000’s. Over the years I have designed many websites but my favorite ones are always bicycle industry related. Beyond riding trail I also enjoy building trail as the trail designer/coordinator for Poston Mountain Bike Trail in Lowell, NC. We build and maintain the trails at Poston through a local bicycle advocacy group called the Piedmont Area Singletrack Alliance (PASA). Through PASA’s work in the local community I have been appointed to the Gaston County Parks & Recreation Advisory Committee where I serve as the board’s Chairman. Through my work with PASA as well as Parks & Recreation in North Carolina I try to be a local voice and a strong advocate for bicycling and strive to make sure it remains a legitimate recreational outlet in NC!
— Josh Taylor