Jamis Portal A2 17 Charcoal

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Superbike. We’re not first to make the promise, we will be first to make good on it.

Allow us to introduce the single most capable suspension design ever brought to market.

Jamis’ new Portal® and Hardline® were developed by the Jamis design team over the past two years utilizing Chris Currie of Speedgoat Design’s patented 3VO suspension platform.


With the 3VO system’s unique virtual pivot characteristics, we’re able to combine the efficiency of a hardtail with the proper support of precisely-controlled active suspension. This is how every full-suspension bike should ride.


A rear wheel that stays planted while charging through rough terrain is crucial to providing an intimate connection with the trail. 3VO’s initial rearward axle path allows the bike to be supple on small bumps and square edge hits while its tightly tuned relationship with the system’s leverage ratio keeps the suspension highly reactive even while pedaling.


Imagine having two bikes in one, that’s essentially what we’ve got with 3VO. The tuned multi-phase leverage ratio with initial rising rate provides an unparalleled pedaling platform while remaining keenly adept at sustaining repeated bumps without holdup.

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